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The Rape: A Story of Nanjing Dave Davies

The Rape: A Story of Nanjing

Dave Davies

Kindle Edition
375 pages
Enter the sum

 About the Book 

China, 1937.US clandestine operative Harry Wagner is a hunted man, trapped in city that is about to become a killing field...As the Empire of the Rising Sun expands its grip on China, a vengeful Japanese army closes in on the Chinese Nationalist capital, Nanjing.Hundreds of thousands of terrified civilians are cowering within the ancient walled city, together with a handful of brave and selfless foreign missionaries - and Wagner. Intelligence reports warn of an impending bloodbath, but Wagner must stay to protect Fei, a young dancer with whom he has fallen in love.Can they survive the coming massacre?And if they do, can Wagner save her from the horrors of sexual slavery as a Comfort Woman?From the louche glamor of 1930s Shanghai to the nightmare of the Nanjing Massacre, The Rape recaptures a forgotten tragedy of modern history as a story of love that survives almost everything.