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Danny The Champion Of The World Roald Dahl

Danny The Champion Of The World

Roald Dahl

Published 1996
ISBN : 9780140371574
Unknown Binding
224 pages
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 About the Book 

Oddly to some, this still stands as my favorite Roald Dahl book. Its hard for me to pinpoint why, since its my opinion and I hate examining my opinions too closely, but to take a swing at it:Its one of the least zany of Dahls books, which ultimately gives it staying power. With many of his other works, you get caught up in the wacky characters, situations, and goings ons and its hard to take them as seriously once you get a little bit older and gain a little bit of sophistication. However, DTCOTW (wow, wont be writing that again) contains some of Dahls best pure writing as the author beautifully and at times almost lyrically describes the relationship between Danny and his father.I think this book very often gets overlooked and I think thats a shame, because its so very good.