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The X Factor Alexander Amani

The X Factor

Alexander Amani

Published May 5th 2010
ISBN : 9781449085766
0 pages
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 About the Book 

The X Factor offers a refreshingly new perspective from both sides on a well-documented and highly criticized event in world history. In so doing, it encourages introspection into the human condition, and draws sobering conclusions while shedding light into the shadowy world of espionage and child exploitation. Xavier Knight, an orphaned teenager is recruited, and trained as a commando at a top secret base in the U.S. Along with other orphaned boys aged (10-13), he is then deployed to Vietnam one year after the fall of Saigon (April 1975) to operate as a drug courier. Under the code name Operation Childs Play, Xavier and his peers traffic heroin, utilizing the tunnels that are ubiquitously located throughout southern Vietnam. Unbeknownst to the children is a plot to assassinate key Vietnamese military and political leaders that the CIA has identified. The protagonist, Xavier Knight, quickly realizes that the stakes are high as he loses friends and his innocence for life forever, while becoming an accomplished assassin. As The X Factor reaches eleven years into the future, Xavier has become a member of the elite U.S. Navy SEALs. The plot shifts gears when a stolen atomic demolition munition device is reported to be heading to Cuba from Russia. A chase after the stolen atomic device ushers in the presence of a mysterious and beautiful Israeli agent named Assyria Zalloua-Saad. The plot becomes more dangerous when the Red Mafia joins forces with a Mexican drug cartel, as plans go forward to relocate Heroin operations from the east coast of the U.S. to California. The two crime syndicates become the focus for SEAL team missions, abductions and a final show-down on the Las Islas de Coronados islands off the coast of Southern California.